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OUR 4x4s

We offer specially customised 4x4 vehicles to make your dream trip happen. Our 4x4s are meticulously maintained and perfect for serious African adventures, including:

  • upgraded suspension for off-road use,

  • two spacious rooftop tents (room for 4 adults),

  • dual battery systems to provide the power you need,

  • long-range fuel tanks and two spare tyres,

  • camping refrigerators and all necessary camping equipment, and

  • safety and rescue gear, including satellite emergency communication.


With all this, we ensure you can have as much adventure...or serious relaxation... as you can can handle. For a list of all included equipment, click here.


Endless Route Options

This is only a small taste of the raw beauty and exotic adventures that southern Africa offers.

The possibilities are endless!

Click on the photos below for ideas to help you plan your own adventure. Or if you prefer, let us help you customise a plan that will leave memories to last a lifetime.


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